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Regalami un sorriso

Give me your smile

We often hide after a mask, or sometimes even a smile.

Virginia Collins is 27 years old, she doesn't believe in dreams coming true and every day she wears the red nose and calls herself (S)Miley. She loves children and lives to see them happy, giving them smiles and lightheartedness by practicing Clown Therapy in a hospital in London.

Nick Lloyd is a young father who lives for his son Nathan, and he gave everything up for him, even his biggest dream, the theater. Women are just an amusement, to keep distant and David, his best friend and business partner, seems to keep track and instigate to get busy.

Nathan, rebel and peevish as he is has to socialize with kids at the hospital that are not as lucky as he is. The immediate change of his son doesn't go unnoticed to Nick. He is curious to meet the wonderful lady that changed his son's life and was able to make him smile.

Smiles are contagious and they cause happiness activate love and love is always the most acknowledged element of our lives, even when we believe to be allergic to it.

Tutto in otto giorni

8 days only

When the most important thing in your life are the pepper spray and a .38. When you are mainly focused in escaping from those who took everything from you, from those who ruined your life it is hard to believe in passion, it is hard to distinguish if the man you just met is going to be the one that saves you or the one that will destroy you. But Eva's life, the young interpreter from London, will change in eight days. Eight days to discover what love is....

She is his hobby horse. None of the promises will be kept....

He only wishes one thing... make her his. 

This sensual and elegant writing from Sadie Jane Baldwin will pull you in from the first line.

An irresistible novel

Ti amo, stupido!

I love you, stupid!

Rebecca parker is a trouble magnet, specially when she lets her guard down and decides to trust men. She is fired from her dream job for having an affair with her boss, so she has to go back to living with her mother in Lower. Back to her hometown she meets the obnoxious Scott Evans, who now is a well known surgeon. They can not stand each other since always and they disagree on the slightest things, fighting all the time like a cat and a mouse. Stubborn and sassy as Becky is, Scott can not help it but notice the chemistry between them.

Is it really that bad to fall in love with the guy that makes fun of you all the time? Maybe it is... Even though would be the best mistake that she allowed herself to make.

She hates him but can not live without him.

He is the last person she wanted to encounter in this world but fate crossed their paths again...

A romantic comedy that is going to make you fall in love.